Some movies in the B-Movie genre include violence, nudity, or other materials that some may find offensive. Pfitz’s Pfun Pfacts is not responsible for the content of websites whose links are included in this guide.

Finding a Bad Movie

You are all pumped and ready to go find some films – stuff which will torture your friends. How do you pick out a bad movie? Here is a quick reference guide to help you select the right one.


Overviews, Discussion, & Analysis of the Genre

What Is a B Movie?

Mostly low-budget movies that are independent (no studio backing).

“Although there are many differing opinions as to what a b-movie actually is, there is only one real technical definition to the term. The actual technical definition is that a b-movie was the second movie on a double bill. It was typically a low budget formula type film, which fell somewhere in the suspense, horror, sci-fi, western, exploitation or gangster genres, although there were other genres covered as well. 

“This definition later gave way to the wider definition of b-movie, which basically encompassed any low budget film. Now I personally have a problem with this definition, because as a classic film reviewer, I’ve reviewed a wide variety of classic b-movies that taken as a whole, have a feel that truly sets them apart as an all encompassing genre unto themselves. 

“So what exactly is a b-movie? Well if you’ve ever seen one of those cheesy sci-fi movies from the 50’s, or seen a goofy old monster movie where the monster looks like something out of a Sid and Marty Krofft Saturday morning kid’s show, then you’ve seen a b-movie. B-movies have a feeling and a style all their own. They’re low budget, formulaic, and often feature some of the cheesiest acting and dialogue you’ll ever see on film.”

Source: Duane L. Martin