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Notable Baroque Composers (1600 – 1750)

If you wish to be generally familiar with classical music, here is a short list of composers you should know from this period.

NameBirthDeathNationalityRepresentative Pieces
Bach, Johann Sebastian
 ML410 .B1
16851750GermanMass in B Minor
Brandenburg Concertos (chamber)
St. Matthew Passion (oratorio)
The Well-Tempered Clavier (keyboard)
Handel, George Frideric
 ML410 .H13
16851759GermanMessiah (oratorio)
Julius Caesar (opera)
Suite No. 5 in E major (harpsichord)
Music for the Royal Fireworks (wind band)
Monteverdi, Claudio
 ML410 .M77
15671643ItalianL’Orfeo (opera)
8th Book of Madrigals “Madrigals of War and Love”
Vespro della Beata Vergine (voices, chorus, and orchestra)
Pachelbel, Johann16531706GermanCanon and Gigue in D (3 violins and basso continuo)
Toccata in E Minor (organ)
Purcell, Henry
 ML410 .P93
16591695EnglishThe Fairy Queen (semi-opera)
Te Deum (choir and orchestra)
Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (choir and orchestra)
Rameau, Jean-Phillippe
 ML410 .R2
16831764FrenchPi├Ęces de clavecin (harpsichord)
Pygmalion (opera)
Scarlatti, Alessandro
 ML410 .S22
16601725ItalianLa Giuditta (opera)
St. Cecilia Mass
Scarlatti, Domenico
 ML410 .S221
16851757ItalianEssercizi (keyboard)
Salve Regina (choir)
Telemann, Georg Phillipp
 ML410 .T26
16811767GermanTafelmusik (chamber)
St. Matthew Passion (choir and orchestra)
Viola Concerto in G Major (viola and orchestra)
Vivaldi, Antonio
 ML410 .V82
16781741ItalianThe Four Seasons (violin and orchestra)
Juditha triumphans (oratorio)
Gloria (choir)
Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in G major