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Medieval Composers (500 – 1430)

If you are a student of Music History or Composition, here is a more detailed list of composers you should know from this period.

NameBirthDeathNationalityRepresentative Pieces
Abelard, Peter10791142FrenchO quanta qualia (hymn)
Planctus Jacob super filios suos (hymn)
Adam de la Halle~12371288FrenchLe Jeu de Robin et Marion (musical play)
Binchois, Gilles~14001460FrenchTristre plaisir et douloureuse joye (rondeau)
Bingen, Hildegard von10981179GermanOrdo Virtutum (liturgical drama)
Symphonia armoniae celestium revelationum (song cycle)
de Vitry, Phillipe12911361FrenchMotets in Roman de Fauvel
Motets in Ars Nova (music theory book)
Dunstable, John~13901453EnglishMass movements
Jacopo da Bolognafl13401386?ItalianNon al suo amante (madrigal)
Landini, Francesco~13251397Italian147 ballate (in the Squarcialupi Codex)
Léonin11351201FrenchMagnus Liber (organum)
Machaut, Guillaume de
 ML410 .G966
~13001377FrenchMesse de Nostre Dame (mass)
MotetsBallades, and Virelai
Pérotin11601225FrenchViderunt omnes (organum)
Piero, Maestro~13001350+ItalianCavalcando con un giovine accorto (madrigal)
Power, Leonel~1370/851445EnglishAlma redemptoris mater (mass antiphon)
Mass (in the Old Hall Manuscript)
Tuotilo~850~915Irishan Easter drama
Vogelweide, Walther von der~1170~1230GermanPalästinalied (song)
Unter der Linden (song)
Yared505571 EthiopianThe Book of Zimare (liturgical chants)