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Notable Renaissance Composers (1430 – 1600)

If you wish to be generally familiar with classical music, here is a short list of composers you should know from this period.

NameBirthDeathNationalityRepresentative Pieces
Byrd, William
 ML410 .B996
15401623EnglishCantiones sacrae (motets)
Earl of Salisbury Pavan (virginal)
Songs of Sundrie Natures (voice)
des Prez, Josquin~1450 1521Franco-FlemishMissa de Beata Virgine (mass)
Adieu mes amours (chanson)
Miserere (motet)
Dowland, John15631626EnglishFlow My Tears (song)
Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares (5 viols and lute)
Lute Music
Gabrieli, Giovanni
 ML410 .G11
~15541612ItalianIn Ecclesiis (multiple choirs, brass, and continuo)
Sacrae Symphoniae (mixed choruses)
Janequin, ClĂ©ment~14851558FrenchLa bataille (chanson)
Le chant des oiseaux (chanson)
Lasso, Orlando di15301594Franco-FlemishPenitential Psalms of David (choral)
~100 Magnificats (choral)
Magnum Opus Musicum (516 sacred motets)
Ockeghem, Johannes~14101497Franco-FlemishMissa pro Defunctis (Requiem mass)
Fors seulement l’attente (chanson)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
 ML410 .P15
1525 1594ItalianMissa Papae Marcelli (mass)
O Magnum Mysterium (motet)