This section of Pfitz’s Pfun Pfacts is all about laughter.

Humor can be found almost everywhere and is worth pursuing. The more you learn, the more humor you can find in the world. Laughter lifts the spirits, builds relationships, relieves stress, and promotes a more optimistic outlook on life. Spreading joy by sharing the gift of laughter is one of the most beneficial and edifying things you can do for another person.

Reasons We Laugh

Why and when do we laugh?

  • when we are surprised
  • from sudden or unexpected joy
  • from recognition of incongruity (things that normally don’t go together)
  • from recognition of common experiences or misfortunes
  • to relieve tension
  • to feel superior
  • when we are comfortable with someone
  • to shift our focus off something unpleasant

Laughter comes from relationships first and actual humor second.

How Laughter Works

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