1. World Vegetarian Day, World Sake Day, International Coffee Day, International Day for the Elderly, International Raccoon Appreciation Day, National Diversity Day, National Pumpkin Spice Day, National Black Dog Day, National Homemade Cookie Day, National Lace Day, Magic Circles Day, CD Player Day, Plaidurday
  2. World Farm Animals Day, International Frugal Fun Day, National Custodial Worker Day, National French Fried Scallops Day, Balloons Around The World Day, Guardian Angels Day, Name Your Car Day
  3. World Smoothie Day, International Crumhorn Day, National Caramel Custard Day, National Soft Taco Day, National Boyfriends Day, National Butterfly And Hummingbird Day, German Unity Day, Computer Virus Appreciation Day, Change A Light Day
  4. World Architecture Day, World Animal Day, World Smile Day, National CB Radio Day, National Vodka Day, National Golf Day, National Taco Day, Improve Your Office Day, Cinnamon Roll Day, Talk Like A Trucker Day, Techies Day
  5. Global James Bond Day, World Teachers’ Day, World Card-Making Day, National Storytelling Festival, National Apple Betty Day, National Rocky Mountain Oyster Day, Cephalopod Awareness Day, Do Something Nice Day
  6. World Cerebral Palsy Day, International Walk to School Day, International African Diaspora Day, International Mustache Day, National German-American Day, National Noodle Day, National Kale Day, Physician Assistant Day, Come And Take It Day, Mad Hatter Day
  7. National Frappe Day, , National Flower Day, Child Health Day
  8. World Octopus Day, World Egg Day, National Pierogi Day, National Kick Butt Day, National Fluffernutter Day, National Face Your Fears Day, American Touch Tag Day
  9. World Post Day, International Beer And Pizza Day, International Top Spinning Day, International Newspaper Carrier Day, National Submarine Hoagie Day, National Sneakers Day, National Chess Day, King Harold Day, I Love Yarn Day, Leif Erikson Day, Moldy Cheese Day, Curious Events Day
  10. World Porridge Day, World Mental Health Day, International Talk Like A Robot Day, National Hug A Drummer Day, National Angel Food Cake Day, Tic Tac Day, Powers Of Ten Day
  11. Thanksgiving Day (Canada), Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Columbus Day, World Dulce De Leche Day, International Day Of The Girl, National Sausage Pizza Day, It’s My Party Day
  12. International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day, National Gumbo Day, Freethought Day, Old Farmers Day, Cookbook Launch Day
  13. International Skeptics Day, International Pinotage Day, U.S. Navy Day, National Stop Bullying Day, National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day, National Family Bowling Day, National Homebrew Legalization Day, National Yorkshire Pudding Day, National M&M Day, Emergency Nurses Day
  14. World Sight Day, National Dessert Day, National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day, Alternative Fuel Day, Be Bald And Be Free Day
  15. Global Handwashing Day, National Cheese Curd Day, National Pug Day, National Mushroom Day, National Red Wine Day, National Chicken Cacciatore Day, National Boss’s Day, National Aesthetician Day, National Grouch Day, National Roast Pheasant Day, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, I Love Lucy Day, White Cane Safety Day
  16. World Food Day, National Liqueur Day, National Feral Cat Day, Dictionary Day, Medical Assistants Recognition Day, Sweetest Day
  17. International Day For The Eradication Of Poverty, National Pasta Day, Wear Something Gaudy Day, Black Poetry Day, Get Smart About Credit Day, Mulligan Day, Four Prunes Day
  18. National Chocolate Cupcake Day, Meatloaf Appreciation Day, Mammography Day, No Beard Day
  19. International Gin And Tonic Day, National Seafood Bisque Day, National Pharmacy Technician Day, Evaluate Your Life Day
  20. World Osteoporosis Day, International Sloth Day, National Mozzarella Stick Day, National Brandied Fruit Day, National Day On Writing, Information Overload Day
  21. World Toy Camera Day, International Day Of The Nacho, National Mezcal Day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, Celebration Of The Mind Day, Babbling Day, Count Your Buttons Day, Reptile Awareness Day, Office Chocolate Day, Garbanzo Bean Day
  22. International Stuttering Awareness Day, International Caps Lock Day, National Nut Day
  23. World Edible Insect Day, National Mole Day, National Boston Cream Pie Day, National Slap Your Irritating Coworker Day, National Canning Day, iPod Day, TV Talk Show Host Day, Make A Difference Day
  24. United Nations Day, National Pit Bull Awareness Day, National Good And Plenty Day, National Bologna Day, Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine Day, Food Day, Mother-In-Law Day
  25. World Pasta Day, National Bread Sticks Day, National Greasy Food Day, Sourest Day, Punk For A Day Day
  26. International Bandana Day, National Chicken Fried Steak Day, National Mincemeat Pie Day, National Pumpkin Day
  27. World Day For Audiovisual Heritage, National Black Cat Day, National American Beer Day, National Potato Day, Cranky Co-Workers Day
  28. International Animation Day, National Chocolates Day, Plush Animal Lover’s Day, Wild Foods Day, Statue Of Liberty Day
  29. World Stroke Day, National Stay At Home With Your Dog And Drink Beer Day, National Cat Day, National Oatmeal Day, Internet Day, Visit A Cemetery Day, Hermit Day, Frankenstein Friday
  30. World Audio Drama Day, International Orthopedic Nurses Day, National Frankenstein Monster Day, National Candy Corn Day, Mischief Night, Haunted Refrigerator Night, Buy A Doughnut Day
  31. Halloween, National Magic Day, National Caramel Apple Day, Increase Your Psychic Powers Day